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Enter the jet-setting life of self-made billionaire Ramses Aristotle Matthews, a successful corporate lawyer and the CEO of his own firm. The powerful novel Captive! Eyes of Genius unravels the mysteries of his life.

This take-charge executive exhibits all-consuming desires, not only when it comes to business interests, but also with anything concerning his new wife, Celeste Anastasia. He lavishes her with love and money, but in return, he must also psychologically dominate her. He believes that he is simply being protective, not smothering.

Ramses uses power and passion to manipulate his wife. With their marriage built around obsession, will Celeste choose to break away or does she enjoy being held Captive?

About the Author: C. Dale Baldwin has lived her whole like in Brooklyn, New York. She is working on her next novel.

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I love writing, simply love it. To tell an intimate story of love and romance, betrayal or mischief. To travel to distant lands or create a dram man. To bring together actions with emotions make characters real people to the point where you wanna be them.

To live a life unlike my won. I can be a social media mogual or a queen I can be gental and sweet or back stabbing and mean. playing the role is the best part of it all.

Writing takes me away…

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Dare to Dream

When I think of my future, I think of success! I think of my life as a selling, traveling, noted author on the best sellers list and all. Still writing of course — that is what writers do, but with the purpose of continuing to progress knowing that its attainable because I’ve reached a certain plato.

No longer pondering what it would be like to be successful but to reach even higher. No longer depressed and feeling low. But happy that I’ve stood the test and gave my best and achieved.

When I dream I’m happiest and I tend to over think things, I know, but my passionate words cannot be known if no one ever reads them and so I continue to climb and dream and I know someday my dreams will be my reality as my destiny unfurls then my heart will heal cause it’ll all be real.

I’m a visionary, all I dream will be real, life will take on a new era and in it my verses will be quoted, my stories told, my words repeated and scrutinized.

Accomplishment thy name be Literaturist Dale ♥

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In my journey to be read I’ve encountered a lot of negativity. Dismissal from my own family who didn’t even want to hear me when I talked about my writing. I’ve encountered allergic reactions to my voice where people just seem to turn me off. And yet I keep going I’ve sat outside at night under the stars feeling depressed and wondered if this is right for me after all. But its the desire that I have in my broken heart and the fulfillment that I get from my art that keeps me pushing so hard. I feel like there’s something special in my words and i know that someday the world will know. I will reach the plato and show that my special talent over flows. I’m gifted and blessed and now you all have found interest and I just want to scream and yell after all cause I’m read!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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